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Soft Mechanical Diet


A soft mechanical diet generally eliminates foods that are difficult to chew or swallow. This diet is used for people who have difficulty chewing or swallowing, but are more able to tolerate foods that are semi-solid.

Foods permitted on a soft mechanical diet must be naturally soft or able to be mashed to achieve a soft consistency.


  • Use a blender to puree foods, if not naturally soft, to a tolerable consistency.
  • Remember to chew foods well before swallowing. This always to foods to mix with saliva needed for digestion.
  • Preserve nutrients when cooking foods:
    • Steam or microwave vegetables
    • When boiling potatoes, peel skin after cooking
  • Add variety into diet in order to get adequate nutrients as specified by the RDA.
  • You may wish to consult with a nutritionist to create a meal plan based on your needs.
  • Foods that are generally eliminated include:
    • Tough meats
    • Raw fruits and vegetables
    • Chewy or crispy breads
    • Nuts and seeds