Norman Endoscopy Center
Norman's Newest and Most Advanced Dedicated Endoscopy Center

General Information About Procedure

  • You will need a Driver (responsible party). Your procedure will be cancelled if you do not have someone to drive you home from your procedure.  Our physicians prefer that your responsible party stay at the facility.
  • For your comfort, you will receive sedation or anesthesia during your procedure.  If anesthesia is used, it will be administered by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).  Our CRNAs have special training in the delivery of anesthesia and are skilled in the latest life safety techniques.  Your comfort and safety are very important to us.
  • Your physician will speak with you prior to your procedure(s).  This is the time to let physicians know of problems that you have been having, any health concerns, and to ask questions.  Due to the amnesic affects of the medications given during your procedure(s), physicians generally do not speak with patients after their procedures.  With permission, your physician will inform your “responsible party” of procedure findings.
  • Norman Endoscopy Center is not responsible for your valuables.  Please leave them at home or leave them in the care of your driver.
  • Please call Norman Endoscopy Center if you will require any special accommodations or have any special learning needs.
  • If you take Alli, or eat foods containing Olestra, please stop 7 days prior to your procedure(s), if possible.
  • Please bath/shower the morning of your procedure.
  • Remove contact lenses or bring a case
  • Please do not wear jewelry or dark colored nail polish
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes (it’s difficult for a sedated person to dress).  Loose fitting t-shirts/tops may be left on during procedure(s).  No pantyhose/nylons please.
  • Drinks:  (no solid food on day of procedure)
    • Colonoscopy patients may continue to drink clear liquids up until 3 hours prior to scheduled arrival time.   
    • Upper Endoscopy (EGD) patients may drink clear fluids up to 4 hours prior to procedure time. 
    • Hint!  It is easier to access veins for IV’s in a hydrated person.
  • Medications:
    • Take the following medications on the morning of your procedure, if applicable:
      • Blood pressure medications
      • Heart medications
      • Asthma medications
      • Anti-anxiety medications that are taken on a regular basis
      • Seizure disorder medications
      • Psychiatric Medications
    • Blood thinners and Aspirin should be stopped 5 days prior to procedure.  There may be exceptions to this rule (i.e. patients taking blood thinners for cardiac reasons, blood clots, etc), call your physicians office for clarification.
    • Stop pain medications 4 hours prior to procedure(s). Patients taking pain medicine on a regular basis may continue their prescribed pain medications up until 4 hours prior to scheduled procedure time.  Patients with pain patches may leave them on.  Please inform admitting nurse that you are taking pain medications.
    • Diabetic patients – If insulin dependent, please bring insulin with you to your appointment.  Diabetic patients need to consult with their primary physicians about dosage adjustments during fasting periods.
    • If you use an Inhaler, please bring it with you to your appointment.