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We believe that knowledge is power

We are so glad that you have decided to put your care in our hands.

The more knowledge you have about your procedure, the more relaxed and confident you will be. Patients should be in control of their healthcare. For information regarding your Patient Rights, click here. For information regarding Patient Responsibilities, click here.

We, as healthcare providers, need detailed information about your medical history, allergies and home medications in order to provide the best possible, safe care.

You will be contacted within a few days of your procedure about your medical history, home medications (including dose and frequency), and allergies. At this time, you will also be instructed on your procedure preparation. If you prefer to complete the registration paperwork your self, click on the indicated links below. Fax the registration paperwork to 405.701.3734, mail to Norman Endoscopy Center, or drop it by. It is imperative that we receive this information at least one day prior to your procedure.

To download registration paperwork, click here.

For information on a Living Will or Advance Directive, please click here.

As a patient of Norman Endoscopy Center, your health information and your privacy is protected. For more information on our privacy policy and the HIPAA act, please click here.

For information on billing and your financial responsibilities for procedures, please click here.

For questions about your procedure or the above information, please "contact us".

Patient Rights

Norman Endoscopy Center - Patient Bill of Rights

Each patient receiving care at Norman Endoscopy Center shall have the following rights: To be informed of these rights in writing, as documented in the medical record, and offered a verbal explanation of these rights in terms the patient understands.  Rights observed without subject to discrimination or reprisal. To privacy, confidentiality, respect and dignity provided by competent personnel. To personal privacy, receive care in a personal setting and free from all forms of abuse or harassment.  Cultural, psychosocial, spiritual, and personal values, beliefs and preferences will be respected. Upon request, to receive adequate information, including credentialing, about the person(s) responsible for the delivery of their care, treatment, and services (i.e. licensed...

Patient Responsibilities

We believe that our patients have a responsibility in their care.  In order to help us provide the best care possible, the following Patient Responsibilities have been established. Patients are expected to keep appointments or telephone the center when they cannot keep a scheduled appointment. Patients are required to bring information about past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to their health. The patient is responsible for providing complete and accurate information to the best of his/her knowledge, accurate and complete information about present complaints, health issues, including past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, including over-the-counter products and dietary supplements, any allergies or sensitivities, and unexpected...

Advance Directives - Living Will

Norman Endoscopy Center is an ambulatory endoscopy center.  We expect all patients to be discharged in the same manner that they arrived.  Therefore, if an emergency should arise, the staff and physicians at Norman Endoscopy Center will practice heroic measures in order to preserve life. Advance Directives/Living Wills are not honored at Norman Endoscopy Center but in the event that a patient is transferred to Norman Regional Hospital (closet emergency facility) they will be honored there.  If you have a Living Will/Advance Directive we will be happy to copy it and attach it to your chart.  If you do not have an Advance Directive/Living Will and would like one, we have generic forms that you may complete.  The form does require witnesses and no employee of...

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

Norman Endoscopy Center Notice Of Privacy Practices

As required by the Privacy Regulations created as a result of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) This notice describes how health information about you can may be used and disclosed, and how you can get access to this information. Our pledge regarding your privacy: This notice describes how we may use and disclose your protected health information.(PHI) for  treatment, payment, or healthcare operations and for other purposes permitted or required by law. It describes your rights to access and control your protected health information. PHI is information about you, including vital information that may identify you and relates to your past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition and related health care services. We are...

Financial Info

Insurance and Billing

It is our responsibility to inform all our patients of our Financial Policies. It is of upmost importance that all patients are aware and understand their responsibility for submitting all of their current insurance information so we may expedite filing of insurance in a correct and timely manner. As a courtesy, we will file insurance.  Patients are responsible for any deductibles, co-pays, and any balance remaining after insurance has paid their portion.  Co-pay and deductibles (up to insurance allowable) must be paid in full prior to procedure.  Patients without health insurance are asked to contact the Norman Endoscopy Center business office so that payment arrangements can be made.  Patients without health insurance are offered a 50% discount for...

What to Bring to Your Appointment

This is a list of some of the things you should bring to your appointment: Insurance Card(s) Photo ID Living Will/Advance Directive Cases for glasses, contacts and dentures Detailed list of current medications and allergies or bring your medications (unless listed on the Registration Forms) Insulin and inhalers, if applicable Registration Form (you can download the Registration Forms by Clicking Here) Medical Release Form – (you can download the Release of Patient’s Medical Record Here) Patient Consent Form – (you can download the Patient Consent for GI Procedure Here)

Cancellation Policy

Procedure Cancellation Policy

So we may serve all our patients with the best care, we ask that if for some reason you must cancel your procedure, please notify our office as soon as possible. If you do not notify our office 24 hours prior your procedure, a $75.00 fee will be added to your account. This fee will be not be billed to your insurance company. This fee may be waived in the event of unavoidable circumstances (i.e.) death, major illness, hospitalization, etc. Thank you.

Patient Registration Forms

We have included the forms that you will need to complete in order to make an appointment with Norman Gastroenterology Associates below. You can download the forms in Adobe PDF format and print them out on your home computer and complete them prior to coming in for your appointment with NGA. If you don’t have Adobe Reader already installed on your computer in order to read the PDF forms, you can get a free copy of it here. If you can download, print and complete the forms listed below prior to your appointment with Norman Gastroenterology Associates, it will save you time when coming to our office. Thank you.

NGA Patient Demographic Form (office visit)

NGA Patient Health History Form (office visit)

NGA Patient HIPAA Form (office visit)

Release of Medical Records

Norman Endoscopy Center

Patients may receive medical records by completing a release form and bringing it to the office or by faxing it to 405-701-3734.  Medical Records can be released to the patient, parent (if patient is a minor), or a legal representative (legal representative must show proof).  Records can be faxed if a proof of identity is sent with the fax form.  Medical records cannot be sent via email.   

NEC medical release form

Language Assistance Services

Language Assistance for our Non-English speakling patients