Norman Endoscopy Center
Norman's Newest and Most Advanced Dedicated Endoscopy Center

Most Advanced Dedicated Endoscopy Center


Norman Endoscopy Center opened in March 2009.

Most Advanced

Norman Endoscopy Center uses the Environ-Mate® Waste Disposal System which allows for biomedical waste to be discharged into the sanitary sewer system without the use of collection containers which require handling and storage and can pose a risk of contamination to employees. Norman Endoscopy Center is the first endoscopy center in Oklahoma to use the Environ-Mate® system. The system requires advanced planning and installation during the building process and cannot be “just added on.”

Norman Endoscopy Center is the first endoscopy center in Norman to use full-time CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) to administer anesthesia to patients to ensure their comfort. The CRNAs are also trained on the latest life saving techniques to ensure patient safety.

Norman Endoscopy Center uses a constant power supply for electrical outages rather than a generator back up system. Generator back-up systems have a 15 to 30 second delay before power is restored. Norman Endoscopy Center’s system runs critical power circuits through a series of batteries so that if there is a power outage there is no interruption in power during a procedure or when patients are present.

Norman Endoscopy Center leases its endoscopes rather than purchasing them. This allows for updating endoscopes more frequently to ensure the use of the best technically advanced scopes rather than being locked into old technology because endoscopes are owned and updating would require additional costs. In fact, in October 2012, Norman Endoscopy Center started using the Olympus 190 series; they were the first facility in the state of Oklahoma to use the most advanced HD endoscope. This new series of endoscopes also features an additional bending section making it more comfortable for patients.

Norman Endoscopy Center uses electronic medical records featuring ProVation® MD for gastroenterology and eClinical Works to store patient’s medical records. This allows immediate access to all patient records done at Norman Endoscopy Center with no delay locating charts which frequently have to be stored off-site in other medical facilities.